NISSAN open track DAY

NISSAN open track DAY

NISSAN open track DAY

The facility is open to the public on "NISSAN open track DAY" and available for casual and competitive use. The admission is free. Please check the dates available and experience the World class Athletic Stadium.

About "NISSAN open track DAY"

Events available

Short distance (sprint), Middle and Long distance, Hurdles, Long jump and Triple jump.

Lanes 2~4 : middle and long distance, jogging and walking
Lanes 5~7 : short distance (sprint)
Lanes 8~9 : hurdles  *Nissan Field KOZUKUE Lane 8

* Lane 1 is out of use for protection
*Dimensions of Spikes shall not exceed 9mm.

Entrance NISSAN STADIUM Spectators Entrance (on the 2nd Floor at the pillar No.277)
NISSAN Field KOZUKUE Rest house (on the 1st floor next to the field)
Charge Admission free.
No reservation required.
Starting Blocks, hurdles and equipments for long jump are free.
The use of shower and locker costs 100 yen each.
Dates and time NISSAN STADIUM
Monday to Friday : 17:00~21:00
Saturday, Sunday and National holidays : 9:00~17:00
* November to February until 16:00
Mar 3(Fri), 4(Sat), 6(Mon), 10(Fri), 11(Sat), 12(Sun), 13(Mon), 24(Fri), 25(Sat), 27(Mon)
Apr 2(Sun), 3(Mon), 10(Mon), 17(Mon), 21(Fri), 24(Mon)
* November to February until 16:00
Mar 5(Sun), 20(Mon), 26(Sun)
Apr 開催予定がございません
  • *Entrance is open until 1 hour before the closing time.
  • *Please be notified that those schedules can be canceled or partly closed without notice.

Please note

  • Keep away from the grass field.
  • For your safety, don’t across the lanes nor run backward.
  • Please return the equipments after you use.
  • Wear your spikes on the track area only.